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Please beware of this man (See why)

if you are out there and you are a online shopping type of person well this is for you

A facebook user posted on facebookebook asking friends to help him locate Lawrence mokaba the man on the above picture after the man robbed him his car and went awol with it.

see pictures of the car below

well what happened is that Lawrence called the owner of the car lehlogonolo and they arranged time to view the car and test driving they did all that suceccfully.so he tricked the owner of car by telling him that he is buying the car for his son ( which was not present ).so when the owner said that he can’t finalise the whole deal when the son is not there and banks are closed Lawrence outsmarted the owner of the car and he ended up agreeing to sell him the car.

the car owner lehlogonolo ordered Lawrence to give him his ID photo so that they can be incontact and Lawrence did give him the ID photo.then Lawrence son lebohang took the car with its let’s and paper’s and left.after that they made him a fake cash transaction.

please if you are that car or Lawrence himself contact your nearest police station.let us help a brother get his property back.