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Politician Caught In Bed With Another Man’s Wife

Nzuza, a married man, was found in bed with his friend’s wife at a cabin, and was then battered to a pulp and is now recovering from his injuries.

The suspended eThekwini manager’s video has since gone viral, and Mzansi is appalled at how he has humiliated himself and his family.

The woman’s husband can be heard in the video asking him what he was doing in bed with another man’s wife and telling him to get dressed.

In his defense, Nzuza said that he and his friend’s wife are only friends, which enraged the woman’s husband and may have resulted in him being beaten.

This has sparked debate in Mzansi, with some claiming that it takes two to tango, implying that the wife is equally guilty and should have been exposed.

Others speculate that the woman was attracted to him because of his financial standing, or that it was for a political role.

Some argue that this is a private matter between consenting adults, that what Nzuza does in his spare time is none of anyone’s business but his, and that circulating the video embarrasses him and his family.

The reality is that someone who claims to be a leader should behave like one.

Anything they do in private could jeopardize their professional careers.

Nzuza should have made better decisions and performed better as a public figure.