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Popular DJ quits music

DJ JUDY Jay has quit music and announced the news in a lengthy statement she shared on social media.

The 19-year-old DJ, who has a huge following on Facebook and Twitter, said the decision is for personal reasons.

Her fans were left disappointed after she announced the news.

“Out of the almost 3 years of my professional career I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by so much love and a solid support structure, and this is what contributed hugely to my success and for this I will forever be grateful,” she wrote.

She thanked her sponsors and all her fans for supporting her.

“To Diesel, Sportscene, Drums Radio, YFM, Deeptown Jozi and those I forgot to mention, thank you for contributing highly to my progress as a DJ. To all the promoters who booked me thank you for believing in my craft.

“I truly loved and enjoyed travelling all over the country to showcase my talent. Most importantly to you my supporters and fans, thank you so so much for the love you have shown me without you there wouldn’t have been Judy Jay,” wrote Judy.

The musician said she has been thinking about taking this decision for a while.

“As sad as I am while I pen this down, it is truly necessary for me to have taken this decision both for my well-being as well as my own personal reasons. I have thought about it for the longest time now and I keep on reaching the same conclusion. This is goodbye from me,” she wrote.

Even though her fans on Facebook and Twitter were disappointed, they showed her love.

Twitter user Mfundo Ofentse wrote: “As heartbreaking as this is, your peace and well-being come first so please do not think you’ve disappointed us. If anything this is the bravest thing ever so you take care of yourself and rest assured we’re behind you whatever decision you make. You’re incredible, don’t forget that.”

Another user, Malome, said Judy must look after herself.

“You taking time away for your own well-being will never be a disappointment to us. This absolutely sucks, but look after you, and I really hope that one day, when you’re in a good place, you’ll be well enough to come back and continue where you left off,” he wrote.

Khuza Gogo hit-maker, DBN Gogo, also commented and wrote: “Ah mama” with a sad emoji and a heartbreak emoji.