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Potato Method, Olive Oil, Cucumber: The Most Wonderful Natural Remedies That Will Treat Dark Armpits

Potato Method | Olive Oil | Cucumber | : The Most Wonderful Natural Remedies That Will Treat Dark Armpits

Olive Oil

Olive oil is very hydrating and nourishing for the skin. It is also rich in antioxidants . The brown sugar acts as an exfoliant and will remove the dead skin cells that have accumulated and made your underarm skin darker.

Add the brown sugar to the oil and mix it gently.

Dampen the underarm skin and apply the mixture.

Scrub for a minute or two and leave it on for five minutes.

Rinse with lukewarm water.

Do this twice a week until you get the desired results.


Turmeric is commonly used in face masks to lighten and brighten up the skin tone and also fade away spots. Regular application on the underarms will definitely lighten the dark skin. Milk contains lactic acid that further aids in the underarm whitening process.

Mix all the ingredients and apply the paste on the underarms.

Let it dry for 10-12 minutes and then rinse.

How Often You Should Do This

Repeat this twice a week.

Castor Oil

Castor oil absorbs all the impurities present on your skin and even cleans out your pores. All the dirt, excess oil, and dead cells are removed to reveal lighter skin in your underarms It is also an excellent skin conditioner

Rub the underarm area gently with castor oil for about five minutes.

Shower as usual.

How Often You Should Do This

Use castor oil every day to lighten underarms.

Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV contains mild acids that will remove the accumulated dead skin cells and also lighten the darkened underarm area. Additionally, it will also act as a disinfectant and kill the microbes present.

If you have sensitive skin, use one teaspoon ACV, one teaspoon water, and baking soda mix.

To the baking soda, add the vinegar and let the mix bubble.

Once the bubbles have subsided, apply this mixture on the underarm area and let it dry.

Rinse with cool water.

Repeat this thrice a week.

Aloe Vera

Aloesin found in aloe vera gel is a tyrosinase inhibitor, an enzyme that is responsible for skin pigmentation. By hindering the activity of this enzyme, aloe vera can lighten discolored armpits . It is also antibacterial in nature and soothing for inflamed/irritated skin.

Cut open the leaf and extract fresh aloe vera gel.

Apply a layer of this gel on your underarms and let it sit for about 10-15 minutes.

Rinse with water.

If you do not have an aloe plant at home, you can also use organic aloe vera gel.

Tea Tree Oil

Pour the water into the bottle, add the tea tree oil and shake it well.

Spray this mixture on the underarms and let it dry naturally.

How Often You Should Do This

Use this daily.

Tea tree oil not only lightens the underarm skin but also keeps the area odor-free. The antioxidants present in this essential oil will keep your skin healthy. Its antimicrobial properties will kill the microbes present and deodorize the area

Almond Oil

Almonds contain potent phytochemicals that lighten and brighten the dark underarm skin in just a couple of applications. They are natural bleaching agents. Also, the vitamin E present in it will keep your rejuvenated. Massage the underarm area with almond oil for 5-10 minutes.

Lemon Juice For Dark Underarms

Lemon juice has a high concentration of citric acid, which is a natural exfoliant and bleach. It works as an excellent underarm bleaching agent.

Cut the lemon into thick slices and scrub the underarms area with them for 2-3 minutes.

Let the lemon juice stay on there for about 10 minutes before rinsing it off.


Cucumber slices are often used to soothe eye bags and also to lighten under-eye dark circles. This is because cucumber extract has skin lightening properties .The same property can also be utilized for lightening dark armpits.

Rub the cucumber slices on the dark armpits for a minute or two.

Let the juice that has oozed out from the slice onto your skin stay there for another 10 minutes.

Rinse with water.

Sunflower Oil

This oil has a high vitamin E content which helps in keeping the skin fresh and radiant. It also improves circulation to the area it is applied on.

Massage the armpits with sunflower oil for a minute or two.

Leave the oil for 15-20 minutes and then rinse with warm water.

How Often You Should Do This

Repeat this twice a day for best results.


Rosewater possesses multiple skin benefits such as skin brightening, soothing, moisturizing, balancing the skin’s pH, and stimulating circulation . Baking soda acts as an exfoliant in this remedy .

Make a thick paste with the ingredients and apply it on the underarms.

Leave it on for about 5-7 minutes and then rinse with cool water.

How Often You Should Do This

Repeat this twice a week.

Potato Remedy

Potato is your savior for dark armpits as it is a natural bleach and anti-irritant. It will also provide instant relief from patchiness and itchiness that may develop due to pigmentation.

Peel the potato and grate it.

Squeeze out the juice from this and apply directly on the armpits.

Rinse the juice off after 10-15 minutes.

People with deeper skin tones are more susceptible to auxiliary darkening or underarm darkening because of the extra amounts of melanin in the body. Pregnancy, and the hormonal cocktail it brings along, can cause pigmentation in the underarms. Another possible reason could be diabetes. Elevated insulin levels can cause skin darkening. Ingrown hair due to too much shaving can also make the underarms appear darker.

Dark underarms are mainly caused due to the extended use of harsh chemicals (bleach, hair removing creams, deodorants, antiperspirants, etc.). Excessive and long-term shaving can also lead to skin pigmentation and darkening of this area. Pregnancy also leads to pigmentation, although it clears up in a couple of months. In order to keep yourself updated about the various types of natural remedies which will help you at the time of need then WhatsApp us at 9530069900 to know more. Our health experts will help to solve your health problem using the application of scientific ayurveda. The power of ayurveda is more than enough to provide you with various remedies that will help you in treating skin care, hair care , wellness problems. – Google