Home News ‘Poverty, Unemployment and Inequality are the root causes of looting’ Duduzane Zuma

‘Poverty, Unemployment and Inequality are the root causes of looting’ Duduzane Zuma

Duduzane Zuma has been under intense scrutiny since his father and former President Jacob Zuma was arrested. Since the day Jacob Zuma went to jail, there has been unrest in South Africa. People went into the streets demanding the release of Jacob Zuma. The crowds then resorted to looting and destruction of property. Addressing his followers Duduzane blames poverty, unemployment and inequality as the root causes of looting and violence.

He posted five videos explaining why these three issues need to be solved. In the videos Duduzane distances himself from inciting the violence. He also tells his fans that he is not on any social media platform. Duduzane tries not to point fingers but what he says is directed towards those in the high offices.

When he talks about inequality he means the unfairness in the country based on race. This has been seen by the Phoenix massacre and deaths of black people in Chatsworth but unfortunately the issue has not been addressed by the authorities. Many black people were killed in those areas during the protests.

In the past few days videos of Indians mistreating black people have been circulating on social media. These have shown how bad racism is in South Africa. It is so disturbing that an Indian man was killed by another Indian man after being mistaken to be a black guy. This means the man who killed his fellow Indian was aiming to kill any black person near the area.

It is true that unemployment in South Africa has increased over the past years. The lockdown has also had some negative impacts to those few employed. As a result people are frustrated and need to make money to survive.