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Presenter and model, K Naomi Noinyane Addresses Pregnancy Claims

Presenter and model, K Naomi Noinyane has been giving her fans glimpses into her love life.

The former Channel O presenter is definitely a gone girl. For her 30th birthday, she and her man hosted their friends – judging by chef Lorna Maseko’s comment on one of her posts which read “The absolute best hosts – when can we come back for more?”

K Naomi has also been tweeting dreamy manifestations about being a wife and mother. In a tweet, which had her followers ‘sbwling’ and others raising their eyebrows, she wrote: “Hubby just left for work. Not sure if I’m taking the M4 but I think I should use the Vogue today. I have a client briefing then a quick lunch before I pick up the little ones from school. But first let me decide what to wear and have some tea to start the day…”

Now that’s definitely what we call ‘living the life’, but could it also be the reason when she posted an image of herself on Instagram, a fan put 2 and 2 together and got 22? K Naomi’s latest snap shows her looking winter cosy in a cream cardigan, white tights and white vest. She showed off her bare face with no make-up on and in the comments, a fan replied with a pregnant emoji; obviously to indicate that K Naomi is probably pregnant. But, the media personality was not about to play those games, she responded sarcastically with “Congratulations to you” and left it at that.

The presenter has previously stated that she attracts the wrong type of men, but maybe cupid is in her favour this time and so far so good. You will remember that the last time she was truly in love, it ended in tears when Shimza wrote her an email that was signed “Yours In Music” which became quite the joke and trended on social media. When K Naomi’s relationship with Shimza ended she shared several cryptic messages about love and heartbreak.

K Naomi at the time posted on her Insta Story a picture of herself and Shimza with the caption: “Thanks for breaking me”. She also said: “I made you my world and you didn’t get it. Now it’s an issue that I’m living my own life, without you.”

She has also dated Thando Thabethe’s current man, Lunga Shabalala, in the past. On why they broke up, she said: “Things didn’t work out. I don’t think it was our time. He’s doing great in the industry; girls are flocking. I think it’s not an issue, what the issue is how he entertains them or… fits a line between respect and trying too hard… I was like ‘me I’m not figthing any girls. I’m dating you, I’m not dating these girls. So if you’re not willing to step up and respect me than clearly we’re not seeing eye-to-eye’.”

She added: “And, yho! That was hard because he is good-looking and I never used to think he’s good-looking, by the way… But he’s an amazing person.”

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