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President Cyril Ramaphosa set the record straight on the rumors to the Level 3 Lock down

The Covid-19 results still remains a concern each day ,we might have been in Level 1 of the lockdown but the matter of fact still remains that the infection is not yet over .People are still testing positive and the number goes higher and higher by the day .

On Tuesday Mr Cyril Ramaphosa, The South African president was giving a speech ,recently there has been rumors that we will return to Level 3 of the lock down, he stated that he did receive the report with regards to the number of infections and it is really a concern at the moment.

He further said that the should there be a need for the country to move to Level 3 he will let the country know in advance, his exact words were ” we now need to do in light of what we are going through, I don’t want to be alarmist and I don’t want our people to be alarmed with the rumours such we are going to level three, that is simply not true and I want to assure everyone that that is not true.” He said.

The safety measures still needs to remain in place in order for us to beat this virus ,most people are already not adhering to the regulations and it is a concern, the virus can Infect anyone .The breweries were being blamed before because the number of infections seemed to have increased when they opened the liquor stores, as a result ,people would fight when they were drunk and this .ade it difficult for the hospitals to be able to take care of the Covid-19 patients and the injured people at the same time .

The call that the president made of closing the liquor stores was a good call, at least even if we have still lost soo many people ,we were able to contain the situation.