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President Cyril Ramaphosa will address the nation Today, Here is what to expect!!

Family meetings have become popular in South Africa since the beginning of the pandemic. The national address by the president have dubbed family meeting, where president Ramaphosa is the father of the nation laying down the law for all the citizens.

South Africa is currently under alert level one where cases are low and the economy is almost at full capacity. There are fears that the third wave might hit our shores sooner than expected.

Tomorrow’s address by the president will not be focusing on the pandemic and the lockdown regulations. Instead the president will be speaking on human rights issues.

South Africa will be celebrating human rights tomorrow March 21st. The president will be giving a keynote address on the journey the country traveled in trying to protect the rights of all people in South Africa.

South Africa gas gone through a tough time in trying to restore the dignity of black people. Many people were killed in this course and the president will paying tribute to all them.

The president will be addressing the nation at a virtual event as it is the case this days due to the pandemic. All South Africanz should take a moment and remember the sacrifices of thousands of people who gave their lives so that we can live free.