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‘Prices going up announced under Ramaphosa’s leadership’ Julius Malema complains during interview with Sizwe Dhlomo

Julius Malema is not a fan of the current President Cyril Ramaphosa and every time when he gets the chance he mentions where Ramaphosa is going wrong. That is the job of the opposition to find faults and corrects those mistakes. During an interview with Sizwe Dhlomo, Malema says his mind out.

This interview comes after Malema’s Twitter account was blocked because it was reported to have incited violence during the protest. Among other things talked about, the EFF leader is not happy with the way prices are going up announced. He also says the president is not running the country and he has a soft spot for those who fund him.

“EFF is going to open a company & projects that will benefit its members & Africans in particular. We will make sure the company is not involved in tenders, exploitation or anything that contradict what we stand for. We can’t wait to be in government in order to govern.”

“We don’t speak about these things but prices have been going up unannounced under Cyril Ramaphosa’s leadership. R2000 prepaid electricity in Tshwane is only worth 600 units. Not so long ago under the leadership of Jacob Zuma that would be worth 1500 units. Ai angeke le new dawn!”

“Many South Africans like coming late to the party and not theoretically, even practically – if you say you have a party starting at 2, they’re going to arrive at 9 o clock in the evening. Cyril Ramaphosa holds a very big influence. Those who finance him, he develops a soft spot for them, & in order to hold him accountable you ought to know who are these people that financed him because you might find that they are the ones actually running the state,” the EFF president says