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Prince Kaybee fires close collaborator TNS who was sleeping with his girlfriend

Talk about life imitating art… If you believe the latest reports from the local entertainment circuits, Prince Kaybee might have been cheated on and his close collaborator, TNS, might be the man who did the dirty work.

Prince Kaybee got the crowds dancing back in 2016 when he released “Wajelwa” – the song that sympathised with anybody who had just realised that they were being cheated on. Who would have thought that less than three years later, it would be the masses who’d be singing the song back to him?

This week’s Sunday Sun (following on from previous reports including those made in Drum Magazine earlier this month) claims that Kaybee has parted ways with collaborator and producer, TNS. The 18-year-old hitmaker has proven to be a revelation after lending a hand to Kaybee’s biggest hits including Club Controller and Banomoya.

While we knew about their split, it’s only recently that we discovered the cause of their fracture… apparently TNS was sleeping with Prince Kaybee’s girlfriend.

Prince Kaybee’s manager confirmed that the two were no longer seeing eye-to-eye saying to Sunday World:

“This was a personal issue that broke their professional relationship because he believed it was wrong for someone he trusted to date his ex. Prince KayBee trusted TNS but after he found out about the affair he distanced himself from him and took everything back, including the car. He even withdrew the contract so that he can detach himself from the boy,”

Meanwhile, TNS claims that he didn’t know that Prince Kaybee and the woman in question were serious.

“I didn’t know that this one was considered the main chick.”

While they don’t have to be friends, TNS is now only looking for the credit which he’s due – which, apparently, Prince Kaybee is keeping from him:

Source: ZAlebs