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Prince Kaybee To Attend Funeral Of Lufuno

Prince Kaybee was touched by the death of Lufuno, the girl who was bullied until she took her own life.

There’s a post which has been circulating which states that bullying should be referred to as a crime.

Many agreed and said indeed it must be declared a “serious crime” and also must be attended to as a social construct in upbringing of children in/out side home. Community and schools must also take charge of it, especially Life Orientation subject from Foundation phase of schooling to prevent and pro-actively deal with this crisis of BULLYING.

Some believe that it starts within the teachers, school teachers has a tendency of calling kids names and make fun of them. The next thing other kids will be teasing the other learner then end up with bullying and the sad part is principals are taking sides teachers sides always.

Some people find quite funny that the Minister of Education who is supposed to be attending to such matters is not seeing a necessity in attending the funeral, yet a celebrity who has nothing to do with Education and bullying understands how serious this matter is.Department of Education must implement a new rule to teachers who teasing students the we won’t have a generation that is so brave to beat up another.