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Prominent Hip Hop artist Da LES ventures into another line of business

The Lockdown has negatively affected a lot of things in South Africa. Businesses have been affected and people have lost their jobs. This has also affected people musicians. As a result musicians are looking at other business lines until things get back to normal.

DaLES is one artist who has turned to vlogging. Taking to Instagram the famous rapper posted informing his fans about his new venture. He also asked his fans to subscribe to his new channel. The guy has a lot of followers from the fact that he is one of the first people to put South Africa on the international map in terms of Hip Hop.

“Proud to announce my new VLOG Venture! I need everybody to please run up my YouTube page and Subscribe for real We buying booze in Lockdown 😩😂☝🏾👌🏾,” Da LES posted.

A lot of other artists have turned to other businesses so that they can survive. Businessman Cassper Nyovest released his new sneaker collection and Mzansi seem to love it. Most artists like Boity, Zinhle, AKA among other musicians have side hustles to keep them in the industry. This is because music is a tricky industry. One day people love you and the next they do not.

Talk about AKA and Da LES, it seems the friendship ended after AKA went behind his friend’s back so that he could have a taste of his girlfriend and baby mama. This came out when supposedly one of Nellie’s relatives wrote to MacG explaining the reason Anele died. All blame is put on AKA and recently the police were informed to further investigate him.

Could this be another Oscar Pretorius scenario? Only time will tell.