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Prophet of the biggest church in South Africa arrested

The rule of law doesn’t necessarily care about who you are . It applies to everyone and all people equally irregardless of who you are and what you contribute to the community, Pastor and a prophet of God, Pastor Mukhuba arrested in Johannesburg.

Members of the church are saying they are not aware on why she is arrested. They are all Surprise’s about the matter. In South Africa , everything is possible. We live in a country full of bribes and most of the things are being done in improper ways and that ensures that people control most of the things happening in the state.

They are also indicating that by the time she got arrested , many of the members were also shot .

What surprising is that in the picture shown they look many as you can see . And there are lock down regulations in South Africa which do not even permit people to be gathering in such numbers .

irregardless of whether it’s a church or not , Lock down regulations applies to almost everyone and it’s fair to almost all people