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Pure Lies On #MojaLove, How Can Holy Water Be From Corpses

Moja love tonight, hosted by Nimrod Nkosi, show called Amabishop. Channel 157 on Dstv, the topic that opened the show is holy water.

This is Makhado, the former false prophet, who is also the author of the book, the church mafia.

So this guy said he saw water packaged in small bottles at his friend’s place. He asked him, what is it for, he fought him at first but ended up revealing at the end. He.said this water is from the mortuary, it is waiting for pastors to collect it, so that they may use it in church. It’s actually the water used to bath corpses. The man who confessed this was disguised, his name is Mr Dlami. I honestly think that Amabishop is not giving people help but confuse them. It’s not all water used in church that is from corpses.

The other confession comes in when the show was on. He said, some cut the hair of dead old people and take it to the sangomas, they tell their members it’s water from the Jordan river. Makhado on the other hand says, any man using water is fake, is Amabishop helping or confusing the people.

So this is what our world has become, people drinking water that has just been used to bath corpses. I once had that panado and grandpa is from the brains of dead people, so what wrong with these fake pastors when they use the same method. They are not pastors that’s when people are mistaken, they are sangomas in business.