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Putco Mafani’s wife rocked by fake video

The wife of celebrity radio and football personality Putco Mafani is reeling from being falsely named as the woman featured in a pornographic video. Bongi Mafani has been “deeply hurt and traumatised” by the incident.

The video, which shows a man and a woman engaged in sxual int3rcourse on a bedwent viral on social media and a famous local website. A visit to the site revealed it to be one of those sites that are set up by shady individuals with nothing to offer but disgusting content. It invites people to leak compromising videos of people for publication.

Several users of various social media sites shared the video and gullibly accepted the false labeling as Bongi Mafani, potentially placing themselves in the same risk of being sued for defamation of character as the first person who started the entire debacle.

Putco Mafani spoke to HotNews and expressed his anger at the people who posted the defamatory material and vowed to pull out all stops to sue them. He has instructed his attorneys to pursue litigation and is also considering opening criminal proceedings of crimen injuria.

Other social media users quickly saw through the fake labeling and pointed out that this was an old video taken in another country.

HotNews got its graphics department to help establish if the woman in the video is indeed Bongi Mafani. Using facial recognition technology and telestration techniques, we have been able to conclusively determine that the woman in the video is not Bongi Mafani.

Our attorneys have advised that publishing the exact face of the woman in the video as recreated from the telestration equipment may in itself be libellous.

Famous social activist attorney, Buhle Tonise of Tonise Attorneys says that South African law still lags behind in dealing with cases of social media defamation but that, as seen with the Basetsana Khumalo vs Jackie Phamotse case, it is fast catching up.

“Defamation is a delict with five elements: the act of publication, the wrongfulness of the publication, fault on the part of he who defames, causality and damage”, explained Tonise.

Taking this explanation and applying it to the Mafanis proves beyond doubt that they have been defamed.

Putco Mafani is no pushover. He is a self-made man who is expected to go to great lengths to ensure that those involved in damaging his name and that of his wife feel the pain of litigation.

Source: HotNews