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QWABE TWINS:DJ Tira Speaks Out




As we get closer to the festive season, Malume is making sure people are ready to hit the dance floor and welcome the new year with a bang – as always

DJ Tira spoke to various media houses about his plans to work with ex-Idols contestants Viggy and Virginia, but never made any official announcement to fans at the time.

But, officially coming from the horses mouth, DJ Tira has told fans that something is cooking and they should keep it on the low.

The Thank You Mr DJ hit-maker might not have any intentions to sign the artists to Afrotainment (seeing that they are restricted by the IdolsSA contract) however, that ‘hurdle’ does not stop the DJ from going to studio with the twins and possibly making a hit.

One thing that is hyping fans up for this next collaboration is the possibility of having Umlilo chart-topper DJ Zinhle on the track.

Whether Tira posted that picture ‘just for fun’ or to

hint that Zinhle is also in studio with them, fans are already waiting to find out when the song drops.

With the current announcement by Tira, fans are holding on to the belief that not winning Idols is a blessing; especially considering the manner in which the twins departed and the drama that ensued afterwards.

– ZAlebs



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