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“R210,000 at 21” Andile Mpisane Birthday Celebration Leaves Mzansi In Awe

Royal AM chairman and player Andile Mpisane has always been philanthropic, and as he gets older, he is only stepping it up, leaving his fans (and even haters) in awe.

The rapper recently had a big birthday, and to make it extra special, he decided to include Mzansi in his celebrations. Instead of throwing a big lavish party and only gracing our timelines with pictures and videos of celebrations, as many in his place would have done, he chose to celebrate with a big giveaway.

He announced on Instagram that he would be gifting 21 students with R10,000 to go towards their university fees.

“Today marks my 21st birthday, for which I would firstly like to thank God for getting me this far. 🙏🏾,” he wrote.

“In celebration of my 21st birthday this year we are back again with the #RoyalAMFeesMustFall movement. I would like to give back by gifting 21 university students that have recurring debt from 2021 with R10 000 towards their fees. You can also nominate someone in need of this financial aid,” he continued. He then went on to outline the details of how students can nominate themselves or be nominated by others for the giveaway here.

Considering how many times in the past celebrities have been accused of promising to give away money then turning around and not doing it, Andile had to add a vital emphasis.

“Once again, please note that no money will be given to a student, all funds will be paid directly to the registered institution.”

Fans online have applauded the efforts, thanking him for his generous heart, and comparing him to his mother Mamkhize, who just did a similarly amazing thing for Zola 7.

University fees in Mzansi are no joke, and we love to see that our celebrities are also seeing the menace, and taking active steps to help those who may not be able to afford tertiary education otherwise.

Another celebrity who has made such vital steps is comedian Lasizwe Dambuza, who has a running campaign to raise funds for university students. His is dubbed R10 Goes A Long Way, and he encourages well wishers to donate at least R10 to send students to school.

Noble as his initiative may be, it hasn’t always been received as such by the public. Last year, he was accused of using the campaign to pull a money heist, as social media users did not understand the account of what happened to the R2 Million that he collected.

This year, though, he has proven himself, and his success speaks for itself.