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Ramaphosa Could Address South Africa Tonight, This Is what to Expect

The president of South Africa has had almost 2 full months without having the talk with the nation. His last address was given on the 14th of September and the main purpose of it was to introduce the country to alert level 1 of the lockdown. Since then, there has been no word from Cyril Ramaphosa and the country has been kept in the dark. The reason for this happening is yet unknown but this is amongst the longest period that the president has taken to address the nation.

On the previous week, the minister and spokesperson to the presidency Jackson Mthembu came out to give an update of the cabinet meeting that was held, during this update her made it very clear that the president will be addressing the country this week. Looking at the usual pattern, he usually addresses the country on Tuesday’s, Thursdays and Sundays. Today being a Tuesday, he could deliver the long awaited address to South Africans, and we shall look at what could be expected.

Jackson Mthembu clearly stated that Cyril Ramaphosa will be talking about the adjustment strategy of the disaster management act in accordance to where the country is at the moment in regard to the pandemic. South Africans were very scared when they heard these words as they assumed it meant another hard lockdown or inconvenient regulation was coming. Although the president has been popular for pulling such stunts, this time there is no valid reason to do so.

As of a few days ago, the country entered its highest recovery rate ever since the pandemic started, what this meant was that the threat to the country’s wellbeing had been minimised. The country now has a recovery rate of about 92%. This is a very commendable number when looking at the fact that we have a total of about 7 million infections in the country. No country in the world with such infections comes close to a recovery rate like that. The graph below shows how good the country’s doing

What the country is likely to expect is good news from the president. This because it was decided back in April that regulations will be eased in accordance to the amount of virus spread in the country. Currently, more people are recovering from the virus than they are getting infected, hence the increase in recovery rate. This calls for regulation loosening. The COGTA minister Dr Dlamini Zuma has also made it clear that the extended lockdown was to prepare the country for a potential second wave.

There has been a total of 25 days since the new extension of the lockdown began and South Africa is not at all experiencing signs of a second wave but rather the opposite. If the cabinet together with the National Coronavirus Command Council (NCCC) look into these statistics, they will have no problem in allowing the president to end the lockdown all together. This will satisfy everyone and ease any worries. If the virus is here to stay, staying in a national lockdown is more detrimental.

The above table clearly outlines why it is likely for Cyril Ramaphosa to end the lockdown altogether. What is your take on the matter? Do you want the lockdown to end or should it continue?