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Ramaphosa Was Seen At An Unknown Spot And This Was Immediately Noticed

There is a whole lot to talk about when it comes to president Cyril Ramaphosa and one reason is because he has been caught in matters which make him seem controversial, in a way.

Some strange things have been happening, recently, people have a lot of say about Ramaphosa. If it is not something that has to do with secretary general Ace Magashule, it is about him being at some place, having breakfast.

Now, you probably have never seen the president having breakfast, but it is not about him having a breakfast, it is about something else.

Sometimes things can be blown out of proportion, but maybe there was no need to point this particular thing out.

The picture there is making rounds on social media and people are bound to make a big deal about the whole thing.

After all, that is the president, it is no surprise that a simple picture of him, having a breakfast has been shared. Someone saw something when they looked at the picture, you probably did not, but there was a Vito and there were people inside.

It was not just a car parked there, someone asked if those were security forces in the Vito and when you zoom in, you can see that they were literally there looking at the direction of the president.

He had security and for a moment, one would have thought that he was just there with the lady he was sitting with, but that would obviously be risky.

Anything can happen, it is not everyone who loves Ramaphosa, hence he has to be extra safe, but it looked like he was at a place that was quiet.

It is not likely that he would go to a place where there are a lot of people around, that would not be a good idea.

Then there were assumptions, people started assuming that there was an intention behind that, to portray himself as an ordinary person who is just like every other person.

But there should not be these silly campaigning tricks, people see through that. They know that politicians will start doing things that they do not normally do just to appear a certain way, that is an old trick in the book.