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Rapulana Seiphemo shares the story of how he failed at varsity

Failing varsity has to be one of the most disheartening feelings one can ever experience. Especially with the expensive fees that come with studying at tertiary.

Rapulana shared that he started varsity at the age of sixteen and immediately went to study at the University of the Witwatersrand.

The actor initially wanted to study a B.A in Dramatic Arts but his interview to get into that particular field of study was declined after he admitted that he did not know some of the most prevalent theatre acts of that time.

“The panel who was doing the interview asked me; ‘do you know who John Kani is?’ And I was like ‘Huh? no,’ But I knew who Gibson Kente and I knew Gibson Kente’s plays. They asked me about Winston Ntshone and I was just like ‘hey guys, stop asking me about people I don’t know.”

He failed the interview then had a second choice of studying a B.A in Education, after that he then failed his B.A in Education as well.

“I failed two courses then I thought to myself that I’m wasting my time, this is not what I wanted to do then I went to my parents and I told them that I wanted to go to F.U.B.A (Federated Union of Black Artists). Then I went to F.U.B.A and that’s where I started to enjoy school and what I was doing.”

A lesson of how we all should always follow our hearts and do what we love.

Interesting fact: Rapulana is also a radio presenter who does a weekend breakfast show on Motsweding F.M

Source: ZAlebs