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Rebecca Malope Speaks On Being Forced To Eat Rats

Imagine being so poor and so hungry that you are forced to eat rodents for your supper!

To many it sounds like something out of a Fear Factor challenge, but for Rebecca Malope, it was her reality growing up.

The gospel superstar made the shocking revelation as part of the news she would be writing a book about her life-story.

Rebecca spoke to the Daily Sun about how her childhood was in stark contrast to the life she now lives.

“We were so poor that we had to eat rats in order to survive,” she said.

The Thank You Lord singer grew up in KaNyamazane outside Nelspruit in squalor conditions. She claimed that the yet-to-be titled book would unearth more surprising details about her life before fame.

“What people can expect from the book will tear their hearts into pieces. This is the story of my life,” she said.

Rebecca hopes the book will spur others on in doing something great with their lives.

She added: “A lot happened in my upbringing and the book will sort to motivate those who are going through similar challenges.

“The book will help other people heal from their past and their current life challenges which I have gone through.”

In addition to her memoir, Rebecca hopes to produce a threatre production about her life as well.

Sis Ribs really did start from the bottom!

– ZAlebs