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Remember Hamilton From Soul Buddyz? The Original Cheeseboy

Soul Buddyz is a groundbreaking children’s edutainment drama that dealt with real-life issues that children face. The Television show is a co-production between SCI and SABC Education.

The first series was researched and developed in 1999 and aired in 2000 to critical- acclaim. The drama dealt with serious health and development topics.

The educational drama focuses on children’s rights and assisting children to give voice to their experiences.

The drama centers around a group of South African children who meet after school in a park. They represent children from all walks of life and they form a firm bond. This group calls themsevels the Soul Buddyz have to deal with issues that children are facing all the time. They support each other and their communities while having lots of fun.


Hamilton is arguably the most loved character on Soul Buddyz

He attended one of the most expensive schools in the show.

His dad Desmond is a high-flying consultant and his mom Batsi, a lawyer (returned exiles) are always busy and don’t have much time to spend with him, however, they shower him with material to make. Up for lost time.

They are not necessarily bad parents they are very focused on their careers to provide the best for their child.

A cousin of Batsi, Jackson, is Hamilton’s private driver.

Jackson and Hamilton are very close as Hamilton spends a lot more time with him than he does with his parents.

Hamilton doesn’t speak any native South African languages but feels the need to learn SePedi and Jackson teaches him. He loves chess and is not that much into sports.

Tis friends often call him Milto. His mother calls him sweet pea and occasionally pumpkin. In series 3 his father is overseas most of the time but talks to Hamilton and Batsi over the phone.

Hamilton In Real Life

Real name Shaugn Reyneke, the actor began his career in grade 1 in theatre. This opened doors for him, leading him to roles in in Sunday school plays like Alice in Wonderland, Humpty Dumpty and Robin Hood. Shaugn spent three and a half years at the Children’s Theatre, which he describes as a ‘wow’ experience.

He has learnt to sing, dance, and mime as well as how to be a professional clown very early on in his career. His first big break was Soul Buddyz.

He played the spoilt rich kid who is chauffeur-driven to all school functions and has an abundant supply of money.

It’s always been his aspiration to write scripts for television shows.

What Has Hamilton Been Up To?

In 2015 Shaugn was one of the 15 MAQamovie finalists selected from 50 talented amateur actors.

The semi-finalists were chosen from thousands of individuals who auditioned for a chance to be cast in one of five roles in a new South African movie by Phoenix Films.

“This might be one of my big breaks, especially for the children that I train and my mother Molly. My project, Shonistos Youth Talent Search, will benefit a lot if I can win this role. I’ve auditioned in different places for eight years now. This is my career, I’m using my God-given talent,” Shaugn told Southerncourier.co.za.