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Remember The Man Who Drowned At Nkoyoyo Dam? After investigations Look What Pulled him Down

A man drowning and going swimming with his child circulated a video on social media. The man asked his daughter in the Nkoyoyo Quarry dam in Iswatini for recording him while swimming.

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The man jumped into the water as the child recorded the episode on his tablet. When his dad showed her he knew how to swim, she was smiling. It began with happiness, but ended with tears.

He looked like someone who knew what he was doing before he began to drown when the man jumped into the water.

He tried to leave while near the rock, but even though his baby spoke with him he couldn’t keep the rock, he said she’s going to go Many who know the dam say the dam is unsafe and it has a bad spirit.

You can see, if you look at this video, that something pulled it down, so he couldn’t hit the next rock. The video is so pitiful. The dam is very frightening and you might claim that there’s a dangerous snake.

I’m sorry for this child who saw this frightening incident, may God be with him and may his father rest in tranquility.