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Remember the Siko twins from Dloz’lami? They decided not to listen to Sis Thembi

Twice as Bold is a new show on Mzansi Magic featuring the rather infamous Siko twins on their journey to yet again, finding one husband. They appeared on Moja Love’s Dloz’lami in October of 2021. They were advised by their late grandmother to be individuals.

However, they’ve decided to double down on NOT doing that.

It’s an odd feeling when you watch something so cringe on television you start to wonder who green lit the idea. Twice As Bold is one of such moments. The Owami and Olwethu Siko started out by starting that their intention is to marry one man and insult their mother. The very thing they were advised against.

I’m their consultation with Thembi they were told that they needed to start being independent. Their grandmother emphasized that individuality is important for them an acknowledged that she hadn’t raised them as such. It’s clear from the way the girls still dress the same that they did not embrace this idea at all.

Social Media Response

People on social media remembered their initial meeting with meeting and were annoyed by their choice to ignore it.

One user wrote, “So this twins decided to blue tick the underground gang after what sis Thembi said on dlozlami #twiceasbold”

While another user wrote, “It’s either Owami and Olwethu were not listening to Thembi on Dlozilam or this reality show was shot before that #Twiceasbold”

A final user wrote, “Gogo is probably crying cause they didn’t even want to listen to Sis Thembi #Twiceasbold”