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Remember them? It ended in tears

A Limpopo based comedian, who is popularly known as SABC Livhu, and real name Livhuwani Madadzhe had stepped into a young lady’s life to try and assist. He found a lady who was a drug addict and living in the streets.

He then went to her family, and was told her parents were no more, and that they are giving him permission to take over if he wishes to assist, as they had already tried, but failed.

He took her in, and had arranged for her to go to rehab. Her name is Jane, and she has a son who is staying with his father’s side of the family. Jane was apparently a very bright learner, who had a promising future, until she started the drug life.

She signed all the rehab admission papers, but when the day came, she ran away. When they found her she told Madadzhe that she did not want to go into rehab anymore.

He then decided to open her home for her, and took her in as his daughter. He showed her the fatherly love, and his wife also treated her like one of her daughters.

Madadzhe took to Facebook to announce that Jane went back to the streets, after two months of living a clean life with him.

He says she told him she was bored and missing her friends. He continued to say he went on to seek for advice, and was told he cannot keep her in his home against her will.

Now that she has ran away, people are wondering what will happen next. Madadzhe has said that he tried his level best, and has exhausted the resources. He said she told him she wanted privacy, and didn’t feel free around him.