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Remember This ‘Backstage’ & ‘Lockdown’ Star? – Here’s How She Looks At Age 44

The show business is not anyone friends and generally the people who are able to understand and prepare for this have it easier when the curtain closes. For many actresses works stops coming through at some point, however other sake a conscious decision to move away from the spotlight and make way for new talent, we don’t know where this stars falls, however she is still relatively living quite great and seems to be enjoying her new life as a wife and a mother.

She wowed South Africans when she appeared on the television screen about 15 years ago on Backstage. This role was well suit for her considering that she is also a dancer before being an actress and the show gave her the opportunity to do both at the same which is probably why she managed to nail the role. She is easily one of the most recognizable actress of the last decade and is adored by the public.

Lorcia Cooper Kumalo went on to have an amazing career in television appearing on shows like ‘Bedford Wives’, ‘Housekeepers’ and more recently ‘Lockdown’ where she played the role of a fierce prisoner named Tyson. She has stuck to her lane for the most part and hasn’t done too much outside her comfort zone and this could be the reason behind her longevity. Sticking to what you do best can extend your stay in the industry instead of trying to do everything.

At 44 years the mother of 2 is looking younger than ever and seems to be enjoying life back in her hometown of Capetown and spends most of her days chilling in the beach and visiting places like aquariums, she has also taken a new interest into surfing as her social media accounts suggests. Following her marriage to fellow thespian Mandla Khumalo.

She has taken a step back from the public eye and seems to be more focused on her first live more, which is dancing and choreography. Lorcia is multi talented and she has proven on many occasions and it seems like she isn’t about to step down anytime soon. It is amazing to see that she is living her best and many people who grew up in the 2000s will agree that she was potentially one of the most influential entertainers and she had many admirers.