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“Rest In Peace To Those Who Vaccinated ” – Zuma’s Message To South Africans

The debate over vaccines has been an interesting subject for the longest time, especially since the mandatory vaccine policy was introduced. This was a sharp contract to assurances that vaccination will be a voluntary process.

Vaccinated people had only one goal, to protect themselves and their loved ones from severe Covid-19 symptoms and death. Anti-vaxxers, on the other hand, chose not to trust science and believed what conspiracy theorists said, which brought a problem for the government, as vaccination stations got empty.

Making vaccines mandatory has hardened attitudes and the end game? South Africa is yet to reach herd immunity and vaccines could expire soon.


What is quite shocking right now is that those who got vaccinated to save livelihoods are being mocked, not just by uninformed people but some well-known public figures as well.

Jacob Zuma’s adult child Dudu-Zuma Sambudla has taken to Twitter to mock vaccinated people. She has applauded those who did not get vaccinated and those who bought vaccination certificates but has a clear message for all that vaccinated, that they should get well soon or rather Rest In Peace, insinuating that they will die in no time due to vaccine side effects.