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Review: Mpho Sebata Is Terrible On The Queen

The River has a habit of ruining good actors. There have been many talented actors whom we’ve loved over the years and all of a sudden hated on the show.

Is it the script, the characters they play, or have these actors been terrible all along?

Ntando Duma who plays the role of Mpho Sebata is a classic example of a good actress gone bad because of The Queen. She is not the most talented actress in South Africa, but she wasn’t as terrible on the other shows as she is now.

Other actresses’ who got ruined by the show this season are Brenda Ngxoli who plays the role of Noma and Jessica Nkosi who plays the role of Thando Sebata; Mpho Sebata’s older sister.

Ntando Duma’s breakout role was on Rhythm City as Zinzi; a troublesome, bald, and bold 19 years old. Duma got the role after she left her presenting job on ETV’s youth show; Craze, the same channel that hosts Rhythm City.

There were lots of skeptics regarding how she got the role and why she got the role as both her presenting gig and the soapie is on the same channel. She wasn’t the only actress who went from Craze to Rhythm City. Amo Chidi who played Reneilwe on Rhythm City was also a presenter on ETV’s Craze.

Things are not looking good for her character on The Queen at the moment on-screen and on social media. Fans of the show have started complaining about her acting when she started crying for her broke and older boyfriend; Schumacher who is also bisexual.

Fans of the show have created meme’s from her crying episodes, dubbing them ‘the worst crying and cringing crying scenes of the century’.

One fan tweeted: ”Mpho Sebata should become a teacher and stop acting.”

Another fan tweeted: “I don’t care who she is, she can’t act.”

– IHarare