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#RHOD : More Trouble For LaConco

The Real Housewives of Durban are residents on the trends lists on Twitter after every episode and we’re always here for the content and viewer criticism. This week, Nonkanyiso Conco affectionately known as “LaConco” got the most heat following her continued storyline as former president Jacob Zuma’s much younger wife and unimpressed guest in the show.

LaConco earned her first media limelight in 2018 when she wedded former president Jacob Zuma and into the entertainment industry in the first season of The Real Housewives of Durban last year with her main storyline being Zuma’s wife and Ayanda Ncwane’s longtime friend. And because she has remained private about her marriage to the former statesman—allegedly following orders from the Zuma family, it is her straight-talking, wit, humor, catchphrases, and no-nonsense taking that have made her a fan favorite. But, this does not seem to be keeping her in the good books of the show’s viewers and fans on Twitter.

Notorious for taking herself seriously, this reality TV star first made the trends list when she ordered fellow housewife Nonku to “Google me” back in season one of the show and has since held up the status of self-importance but Tweeps feel like she is not the person she claims to be.

One user tweeted that LaConco is average along with her life and that her claim to fame was bearing a child for “ubaba”. The user continued, “That gave her fame, and not wealth. The Real Housewives team thought we’d be interested in her and not request to see me. Because they are helping her hide her true life.” This comes after many incidents where LaConco has refused to host the ladies in or show her own home in the show although she is always unimpressed with the other ladies’ events and hosting skills.

Multiple users also shared that LaConco is judgemental, always negative and pessimistic, and acts like any other average 20-year-old. One user went further to criticize LaC on her traditional beliefs claiming, “LaConco truly has a problem of shoving her beliefs down people’s throats. Thobile didn’t wanna sip Umqombothi because of heartburn and that’s valid. Everything has to be about her yooo.”

LaConco has since opened up about her former relationship with Jacob Zuma in an emotionally charged conversation with fellow housewife Sorisha. An emotional LaConco told Sorisha that she does not believe that the emotional scars she endured during her marriage with Jacob Zuma will ever heal. “The position I am in… I found love and I stayed true to that love. Unfortunately, there were people who had an interest in that love and made it a public thing when it was not my intention,” she told Sorisha.

As expected, this current season of housewives has been serving all the drama with viewers leaning toward Sorisha as the voice of reason. Annies and Nonku continue to receive a lot of backlash following every episode premiere. New cast member, Thobile Mseleku has also been receiving a lot of airtime but not positively. Her beef with LaConco continues and viewers often seem to side with LaC. – ZAlebs