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Rhythm City Actors And Their Cars… Who Has The Best?

They say you can tell more about a person’s character by looking at the car they drive.

We love seeing these Rhythm City actors on TV, we love seeing them do outrageous stuff, sad stuff, shady stuff and most of all, l delivering their characters for 5 days of the week.

So let’s check out the kind of whips they roll in

Jamie Bartlett

Our favorite villain on Rhythm City, he might be gone from the show but we’re ever hopeful for the return of David Genaro.

Back in 2018 Jamie posted pictures of this Pontiac GTO and we have to say the vintage whip suits him, sophisticated and edgy like the man himself.

Jamie Bartlett also owned a Mercedes Benz, this was revealed after he was hijacked and robbed in Joburg, back in 2017.

Mduduzi Mabaso

Suffocate Ndlovu is our favorite main guy on Rhythm City,chequered past and all. Mduduzi once posed next to a Rolls Royce, the ride definitely suits him.

Amo Chidi

Amo Chidi known for portraying Renilwe on the soapie, reportedly owns a Mini Cooper, sleek and suave, just like the actress.

She posted a picture with her hand on the steering wheel of a Mini Cooper.

Itumeleng Bokaba

Itumeleng Bokaba, known as Mampho in Rhythm City reportedly drives a Haval.

Oros Mampofu

Oros Mampofu who plays the role of the lovable Banele, owns a classy Audi which he’s always posting pictures of, on his social media.

Jesse Suntele

Jesse Suntele who plays the role of Mzi once posted a picture on social media indicating that he might have bought a Jaguar. He’s definitely rolling in comfort.

It’s not a secret that most celebrities own more than one car, so it’s a bit difficult to nail down the exact car and celebs are often endorsing cars as brand ambassadors so that definitely plays a role.

All the same we’re quite digging the whips affiliated with our favorite Rhythm City people.

– IHarare