Home Entertainment Rich Mnisi causes a stir of his photos wearing a mini skirt

Rich Mnisi causes a stir of his photos wearing a mini skirt

Designer Rich Mnisi has become the talk of the town after wearing a skirt. The designer posted a picture of his outfit on Sunday, 20 June on Instagram and it became a big deal on Tuesday, 22 June, when a tweep, Mbongi The shared the picture and other pictures of Rich wearing skirts on Twitter, asking what children are learning from the designer.

That tweet awoke a debate that saw Rich trending on social media.

Twitter was divided with some people saying a man should not wear a skirt, while others said Rich can wear whatever he wants and that he rocked the outfit he was wearing.

“I’m not here to spread the hate on Rich Mnisi and I’m curious about the children, what they are learning from Rich Mnisi?” asked Mbongi The on Twitter.

People who were for Rich said he is not a teacher, but he’s a fashion designer.

Therefore isn’t obligated to teach children anything.

“Rich Mnisi is a designer and didn’t sign up to teach your kids,” wrote Rex Thando.

“Another Twitter user, Taki Toni, wrote: “He is creative! They are learning that being creative has no boundaries! Now wena what are you teaching your children?”

However, some tweeps were standing firm against him wearing a skirt.

“Gents please don’t feel ashamed for calling out Rich Mnisi. You will be shamed, called names, homophobic. As gents we have a responsibility to protect young men. Don’t be fooled by ladies, they go where the wind goes,” wrote Tsotsi.

“So vele we’re officially in that era of normalizing nonsense,” wrote Lungsta NK.

Rich was unbothered by all the negativity that came with his outfits. He responded to the people who were hating on him via his Instagram Stories.

“I took a nap and woke to my phone going off ‘cause some peeps are pressed.

I’m glad my Sunday look helped you confront your demons. You need to investigate what your anger is really about,” he wrote on Instagram.