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Rich Mnisi R59,999 Xibelani shocker!

On today’s episode of never ending shockers in Mzansi is Rich Mnisi selling a modernized version of the Xibelani for a whooping R59,000. Twitter remains shocked.

In case you were wondering, a xibelani is a Tsonga skirt that is traditionally worn for dancing. Cue Sho Madjozi. One of South Affica favourites, recently launched his version of the xibelani skirt, the Rich Mnisi Xibelani skirt and it retails for R59,000. And that is why your favourite designer is trending! The general belief being that the designer is exploiting culture and taking advantage of it while the other end of opinion believe the price is justified.

Rich Mnisi is a South African designer who is known for his provoking high end designs. The Xibelani skirt is on the list of his provoking but creative designs but with an insanely shocking price.

Black Coffee was quick to the designer’s defense. The internationally acclaimed DJ shared a picture of him in a the designer’s sweater captioned, “Worth every cent”. Although not even that could stop trolls from coming after the designer.

A few thoughts on the skirt.

It’s Rich Mnisi selling Xibelani for R59,999 😭

If LV can put a R15000 price tag on a plastic face shield with their logo then why can’t Rich Mnisi put a R60000 price tag on Xibelani?

At this rate Rich Mnisi can sell us a 2 liter of Inkomazi nge R2400e, Rebrand it and call it “Triple Creamed Mucca Latte” We blacks wud be having it on dinner dates at Santon and posting it all over Instagram…saying other people are not target markets..

Prices were Rich Mnisi , now they are Rich Mnyisi. Xibelani for R60K 🥴? Ain’t a target market =_=

Rich Mnisi and crew just know how to milk from the privileged. I love it.🔥