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Riky Rick’s Mother Finally Breaks Her Silence

It’s been a month now since the passing of renowned South African rapper Riky Rick. The muso reportedly committed suicide at his home at the age of 34 on February 23 2022 after struggling with mental health.

His mother Louisa Zondo, has decided to trek to Mount Everest Base Camp in honour of him. Louisa has been giving her followers a glimpse into the experience and it’s been nothing short of amazing and therapeutic.

According to her, she committed to this trip before Riky’s passing and the hike has become her tribute to Riky. Taking to her Facebook account, she penned a lengthy letter detailing the experience and opened up about how she has been doing since the passing of her son.

“Dearest MaRiky. It’s early hours of the morning on 23 March 2022 – 01H03, Nepali time, to be exact. 23 February 2022 is the day on which your spirit and body separated. I am lying on my back in a warm bed in the Bhudda Lounge, Phakding, Nepal. I’m in Nepal because I am on my way walking to Mount Everest Base Camp, MaRiky. I’m awake at this hour because I’m reflecting on life, death and the meaning of everything.

“Since your death last month, I’ve been starkly aware of the need in me to make sense of where I am and how I am called to be. I decided to proceed with this trek to Mount Everest Base Camp not only because I knew you would want me to do so, but also because I imagined it would present the perfect opportunity, over 14 days, for me to wrestle with the questions – (i) What is the moment; and (ii) How does this moment call me to be.

“I am very unskilled at staying with an enquiry – any enquiry – and going deep into it. You know this because during your 34 years of life on this side, you watched me “busy-body” myself through many crises. n fact you were the first person to really teach me to sit with challenges and “encounter them” without rushing to offer what I perceived to be solutions…without needing to wipe away the challenge. For this reason, my Mount Everest Base Camp walk will be embodied in a long conversation with you.

“I imagine that the conversation will not be neat and orderly and yet all else is unclear to me and the conversation might just present itself as and when it emerges.”

In one of her posts again she shared an update with her fans on how the journey has been.

“I feel enormous gratitude that all of us in the team ended the day in high spirit and eager to treat our exhausted bodies to much-deserved rest. As I took in the unspeakable wonders of the mountain, the sense of you being part of it all was so real MaRiky…I laughed out loud and shouted out your name.

“I still hold this huge awareness of your presence. It brings up an inexplicable warmth and softness in me. Being like this brings up the unforgettable experience of gazing at a feeding baby in utter love.

“When baby takes in the gaze the response is a cooing accompanied by the trickling of milk down the side of baby’s mouth as the gaze orbits baby’s primal instinct to feed. Such moments were, for me, always whispers of God’s presence… Love’s presence.