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RIP: 16 Years Old Girl Took Her Life After Her Mother Did This…She Left a Sad Voice Message

The things that are happening in our country are very scary. Everyone keeps on seeing sad stories of people who have decided to end their lives. It seems like 2022 is going to be a bad year because it’s only been 2 months and already so many bad things have happened. We have lost so many lives and most of them through suicide.

You know, one of the most painful and hardest things you can go through is growing up without your mother taking care of you and guiding you. A mother is a very important part of anyone’s life, no matter how old you may be. That is why those who don’t have mothers anymore always appreciate your mother and show her appreciation while she’s still alive. What is even worse is growing up with an absent mother who is still alive. Generally, we know that only men ditch their children, but also women do.

Speaking of the pain of growing up without a mother, there’s a heartbreaking story of a young girl who decided to end her life because her mother ditched her. According to the information I gathered, a 16-year-old Zinhle was raised by her father and neighbors after her mother abandoned her when she was young and never returned.Her father was described as a trying father who tried everything to be both a mother and a father, but a mother’s love cannot be copied, it is unique and special.

Single had been crying out that as a girl she needed a mother’s love and guidance because, no matter how her father and uncle tried, there were things that needed a mother. Before she decided to take her life, she sent a voice message to her uncle, crying out how hard it had been living without her mother. Listen to her voice message in the video below:

You can tell that she was really breaking down and in pain just by her voice. She said a mother’s love is a very important thing and she doesn’t know it, but she’s not judging her mother for leaving her. On Facebook, she posted “Fly high.” After that, she decided to end her life. Her death left so many hearts broken. See how people reacted after hearing about her death:

A mother is a very important part of everyone, and more importantly to a child. Growing up without a father is bearable, but without a mother, everything sticks. No matter how trying a father can be, a child needs that special mother’s love. May Zinhle’s soul rest in peace. To all the absent mothers out there, please let your children need you to go back home.