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RIP: A 15 Years Old Sangoma Killed Herself After They Did This To her At School (VIDEO)

By Opera – Tragically, a South African girl of 15 years old committed suicide by hanging herself in her home in Ndwendwe, in the iLembe District of KwaZulu-Natal, after being driven away from school by ancestral spirits that had turned her into a sangoma. She  was forced out of school after ancestral spirits that made her become a sangoma visited her.

A misunderstanding about Mbalenhle Ngobese’s choice of uniform after her ancestral initiation in February 2022 led to her expulsion from school.

Even though it wasn’t what she wanted, her elders made her wear an ibhayi over her uniform. In addition, she was accessorizing her arms with classic bangles. However, the unnamed headmaster had no choice but to expel her and bar her from taking examinations until she changed her traditional attire into a formal uniform, which she refused to do.

The problem attracted extensive attention earlier in June when users of social media expressed varied viewpoints about the situation, with some supporting the school policy that forbade kids from wearing traditional dress while on school grounds. However, the great majority of Twitter users have voiced their disappointment that the school child was mistreated and that South African school policies disregard ancestral callings.

Less than a month after 1KNTV News revealed the story, the newspaper confirmed that the 15-year-old girl committed suicide by hanging herself.

Publicly known motives for the suicide are unknown at this time, but the publication has been told by credible sources that the young woman killed herself because she felt pressures from her ancestral calling that were working against her personal desires regarding things like school and life in general as a teenager.

In recent years, the Southern African nation has seen a boom in interest in ancestral callings, particularly among the country’s younger population. Many of Mzansi’s biggest stars have found themselves participating in the activity alongside the rest of the population. A list celebrity has not been immune to the age-old custom.