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RIP: He Died A Painful Death | See What Happened To Him

By Opera – It is true when they say we do not know what tomorrow has for us and we should try by all means to appreciate our loved ones when they are still alive. Mourning is certainly not something that is easy to go through and always leave people depressed. Another family was left heartbroken as they mourn the death of their loved one who died so painfully after being hit by a car. A twenty four years old man whose details were not revealed was hit by a car in Namakgale and the driver is said to have fled away from the accident scene, in simpler terms this was just a hit and run.

It is reported that after being hit by the car he hit a rock with his face leaving him more injured. When the police arrived at the scene they found him lying in the middle of the road with an open skull and broken leg. It turns out that his family went to the police to open a case of a missing person as they couldn’t get hold of him for two days. Upon arrival when they described him it was revealed that the man who died is related to them. Accepting his death must have been the most difficult thing for them to do as they never thought that they would receive such heartbreaking words.

They had hopes that he would come back but sadly he came back in a coffin. It will take a long time for the family to heal from this and most importantly it will forever be a pain to them. It has been reported that the police have launched the search to find the person responsible for his death. You get to wonder why people would run away from things that they did and that is really being heartless. Instead of running away the driver could have stopped and get him help. The driver has to be found…Check the post below for more: