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RIP: See What a 14-Year-Old Girl Said to Her Boyfriend Just Before She Was Killed

By Black_Media
What exactly is going on in our country these days? Every morning, we are greeted by the news of a horrific death or a startling tragedy. We were all hoping that 2022 would be another fantastic year in the vein of 2021, but so far, we have only reached the third month and many lives have been lost, not to mention the entertainment industry and the lives of children. Fear has taken over our lives and we are always asking ourselves, “What if I am the next?” Every day, children and women are stolen and slain in a variety of ways. What has happened to South Africa?

Not long ago, we were all startled by the death of a 16-year-old girl who committed suicide and left a note stating that she had been hurt enough as a result of her mother’s abandoning her when she was still a toddler with her father. That was one of the most terrible stories I’ve seen this year, and I’ve seen a lot of them. Many trials and tribulations await the young ones. No, it isn’t depression; it is rather homicide. Please join me in praying for our children.

When we thought we had seen it all, Mzanzi was devastated by yet another tragic loss of life. Sedika Lekhobo, 14, was found dead in the Vryburg cemetery in the north-west province. She was murdered. Even the Department of Education is calling for justice in her death. Following all that, her boyfriend took it to Tik Tok to reveal what she said to him just before she was killed. He posted a video of their photos and old chats captioned “rest in peace babe”. When people asked what happened, he said she was killed just after they met and she told him that she loved him. Check out the video below:

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This is very heartbreaking. We can only imagine the pain she and her boyfriend are going through. People are sending condolence messages to the boyfriend and also the family. We must seek justice for Sidika. The perpetrators must be found and dealt with.