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SA THIRD WAVE – These 3 provinces are already in the third wave of COVID-19

The third wave of the coronavirus seemed to be inevitable irrespective of the many measures that was in place in South Africa.

Citizens are beginning to panic over news that the third wave is said to be more deadlier than the second wave.

Also taking into account that the COVID-19 variant that was found in India is now in South Africa and we have seen videos of how this specific variant has been causing chaos in India, with people dying in massive numbers daily.

According to the data from the National department of Health and the NICD,

KZN, Mpumalanga, North West and the Western Cape are already in the midst of the Coronavirus THIRD WAVE in South Africa.

Also remembering that the Northern Cape never really exited the Second wave of infections, before they were hit with a THIRD WAVE.

EXPERTS suggest that perhaps for those who have contacted the coronavirus within its second wave of infection in the country, these citizens could have built immunity to the virus.

This theory is yet to be confirmed or reassessed. This will only be conducted when we are more within the third wave of the virus in our country.

This should never be a reason for citizens to assume that if they had contacted the virus that they are now immune to new infections.

It is still too early to tell.

However do not let your guard down and don’t risk your life.

There have been people across the globe who have contact Covid19 a second, third and even fourth time.

With information released that some individuals have suffered far more adverse effects when they contacted covid for the second time.

Within these many infections, alot of people have succumbed to the virus.

It also depends on your own body and whether you are able to build immunity or whether the second or third infection could become easier or harder to recover from.

Overall, it is important that citizens continue wearing their masks and santizing.

It’s really important that yoh are careful.

It’s been a long an frustrating time for us all and it’s about time the virus left and we could get back to a normal life.

We deserve it, after everything we have been through. It’s about that time now.

Further news suggests that Minister of Health Zweli Mkhize says that we will be seeing more Restrictions in the country following the third wave of COVID-19.

He did say that when the infections and death rates get lower again so will the Alert Levels.

We understand thag a hard lockdown for South Africans is detrimental with their jobs, their finances and the south African economy.

However. If a hard lockdown is what South Africa needs, then they shall move to a HARD lockdown.

It’s our responsibility to stay safe and play our part.

Wishing everyone much blessings to get through the third wave like masters!

And let’s make sure we keep infections and death rates at a minimal.