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SA turns pictures into artistic challenge from rural areas

South Africa it is turning the tables around with situations that are seen from people whom are poor, into a beautiful artistic challenge pictures online and they are very fascinating pictures. They are telling the untold stories in a different way.

Rural areas are the once which you will come across people whom are living this kind of life situations and their is nothing wrong about living this kind life. Food prepared from a firewood, are considered as mouthwatering and taste differently.

It takes a lot of confidence to turn your misfortune life into an iconic picture and telling the world about your lifestyle. Being born with a devestating life does not have to make you live unhappier life and not being unable to share different pictures of your life.

Taking a moment from this pictures, initially comes from someone whom does not have an electricity in their homes and now people are being appreciative about their lives. South Africans could turn their unfortunate life into profitable benefit with art.

Anyone can join the challenge and the wonderful thing about Twitter is that, tweeps has the capacity to re-embrace and introduce a bad situation from life, into a wonderful story. It is clear that people from the cities may not live this kind of life.

Those who have experienced life from urban, township, city life being compared with rural area life, some of them would tell you that, rural area life is more peaceful compared to city life. Simply when it comes to firewood.

In cities or townships, you have to buy firewood and it may cost much, because it is expensive and less. In rural areas is much more and you just go to the mountain and fetch it for free.