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SABC presenter allegedly humiliated for being fat after failing to fit clothes in the store

Trending SA’s new presenter, Lesego Tlhabi, was hurt after she was apparently body-shamed by designer, Quiteria Kekana.

The media personality and internet sensation said she went to Quiteria’s store, Quiteria Atelier, and she was fat-shamed by him in front of people.

Lesego, also known by her alter ego Coconut Kelz, said she was made to feel worthless because of her body. She wrote a thread on how she felt about the ordeal on Twitter on Wednesday, 24 January.

She initially didn’t want to share who the designer was because they had a contract with the TV show she’s shooting for.

“So, today I went to a famous designer who was told my sizes way beforehand because it’s for TV. Does he not then declare very loudly in the store after a failed try-on that he has nothing for me and then uses words like ‘fatty boom boom’ to describe how I’d look in the designs. Yoh,” she wrote.

“This is why fatphobia is so different than other shaming. I was made to feel like less than nothing today because of my body.

“My body isn’t good enough for his dresses and he let that shit be known. He really could’ve said that to the stylist ON THE PHONE.”

People sympathized with her in the comment’s section and apologized to her for going through that.

Later on though, Lesego exposed who the designer was and said she doesn’t care if she loses the gig she’s working on.

“Actually nah. It’s Quiteria and George. What happens from there is above me. It was sh*t sh*t sh*t. If I lose this opportunity, I lose it. I will never ever wear something from there. And it was ‘Q’ himself,” she wrote.

Quiteria also went live on Instagram and said he will not apologize to anyone or for anything. In the video that’s going viral on social media, Quiteria said fat is not a bad word.

“I’m not writing a statement. I’m not apologizing for anything because I didnt have a conversation with her. I’d never call her fat,” he said.

He continued to say his mum is fat and then accused Lesego of lying.

“She’s lying in terms of me and my character. That’s defamation of character, number one. Number two is nothing was intended and let me tell you, the stylist and wardrobe manager were present at the time and there’s no way I could belittle her,” he said.