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SAD: 5 South African Celebrities Who Have Suffered Miscarriages

For many women the idea of bringing forth a baby into the world is priceless. From the moment you find our that you’re pregnant, you start bonding with your child.

But sadly, according to reports, 20% of pregnancies end in miscarriages.

One of the celebrities who has opened up about the painful experience of losing a child is Michelle Obama.

“We had one pregnancy test come back positive, which caused us both to forget every worry and swoon with joy, but a couple of weeks later I had a miscarriage, which left me physically uncomfortable and cratered any optimism we felt,” she wrote in her memoir Becoming.

The former first lady said she had to use in vitro fertilization (IVF) to conceive her two daughters.

Let’s look at our very own South African celebrities who have had to endure the pain of losing their unborn children.


Kwaito star Mshoza is the latest celebrity to have suffered a miscarriage.

The Kortes hitmaker lost her baby earlier in 2019. The news of the miscarriage was shared by her friend to the media. The anonymous friend also revealed that Mshoza was not taking the news well.

“Mshoza is in a really bad space right now after losing her baby. She was very stressed and doctors said that she lost the baby because of severe stress,” the friend told Drum magazine.

Lerato Kganyago

Media personality Lerato Kganyago has suffered two miscarriages.

Although she doesn’t speak much about the first miscarriage, she has revealed that the second one happened in 2015 when she was five months pregnant. The star says the second miscarriage was more painful because she was really looking forward to having a child.

“I have actually lost two children. I have only spoken about the (recent) one because it was the one that affected me the most. That was when I really wanted to have a child,” she told Anele Mdoda.

In another interview on Behind the Story with Pearl Thusi, the radio personality said the miscarriages have made her feel “lesser of a woman”.

“I won’t lie, at some point, I felt like lesser of a woman. All I want is someone to hold in my arms,” she said.

Lerato told Anele that she doesn’t even want to try to have a baby anymore.

“I’m comfortable with saying that I don’t want to have children. It is painful. I don’t want to go through that again‚” she said.

Bridget Masinga

Lerato Kganyago is not the only one who has lost more than one child. Actress, Tv and Radio personality Bridget Masinga has lost three children.

“This week a year ago…We lost our second pregnancy, lost my faith and my trust and found myself in a dark place “fighting” my way back to the light. The pain never leaves, you learn to live through it,” she wrote in an Instagram post.

She lost the baby in 2017.

In 2018, the model lost another pregnancy.

” What I do know is that having lost another, our third pregnancy, I often refer back to this picture in my dark moments and remind myself that for whatever reason God has made my biggest dream my most devastating test, and I can only keep praying that one day this test will be a testimony to the power of faith and prayer,” she wrote on Instagram.

She used the post to give hope women to other women who are longing to be mothers.

” I truly believe that one day, I will be blessed with the greatest love of all and one day I will post my very own baby bump but until then, I will not lose faith in the Almighty nor be discouraged to stop believing in miracles and the power of true love. Love and light to all the women who long to be mothers… ,” she wrote.

Dr Winnie Mashaba

Gospel star Dr Winnie Mashaba is one of the women who is still trusting that someday she will be able to hold a baby in her hands after having experienced the pain of miscarriage.

The Ke rata wena hitmaker has suffered two miscarriages in the past.

“After two miscarriages, I gave everything to God. Sometimes I joke and say maybe Modimo (God) knows if He gives me children now, I’m going to neglect the other responsibilities I have,” she told Drum magazine in an interview.

Winnie and her husband Peter Mashaba have been married for over ten years.

Dr Rebecca Malope

Legendary singer Rebecca Malope couldn’t believe when the doctor told her she had miscarried.

Recalling the painful experience, the star told Gareth Cliff on Cliff Central that she ran away from the hospital.

“I remember running away from the hospital and saying ‘doctor you’re crazy, you not taking out my baby.’ ‘But you have to go to theatre now’, he said. I told him ‘No ways, you’re crazy,’” she said.

Rebecca said the pregnancy meant so much to her because she had just lost her mother and sister.

“I felt really bad because, at that time, when your siblings have passed on and your mother has passed on, you feel alone,” she says. “I needed someone, I needed a friend. That child would be my friend,” she said.

The queen of Gospel has adopted her late sister’s children.

The loss of a child is one painful experience that no woman should go through. These celebs have managed to pick up the pieces and soldiered on.

– ZAlebs