Home News SAD: ANC member Bongani has died

SAD: ANC member Bongani has died

It is very sad for me to announce the sad passing of another struggle stalwart, Bongani has Sadly lost his life… Lebogang Maile was left distraught by the passing of his close friend, it’s a very painful loss we’re talking about a man who served the public well, it’s Very sad because he’s passing away was came out of nowhere the next minute he’s okay and another seconds you’re no longer with us. While lebogang Maile was paying his last respect towards a fallen giant, he made a very touching tribute that none of us expected this turn of events… He called him in the morning but nobody was answering the phone he didn’t know that his best friend had already lost his life.

This is a very sad reminder that Every time you’re going to sleep they’re chances that you may never wake up again, our prayers are with his loved ones death is something that you can prepare for emotionally I wish his loved ones strength, they were very fortunate in life to be close with a man of substance, he was more than a comrade he was also gentle and loving, he’s being described as a man of substance a man who never compromised his integrity.

Bongani might not be with us but his good deeds and legacy are very much alive, he was a symbol of Hope and he served his people with honor and integrity… May his soul rest in eternal peace, he had achieved so much in life this is also another painful reminder that in life as much as we plan God will decide, his family is robbed, the African National Congress is robbed, the public service is also robbed of an amazing soul may your soul rest in peace.