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SAD: Babes Wodumo Speaks Out After Losing Her Loved One

Losing a loved one is a daunting experience and Babes Wodumo is still trying to come to terms with the loss of her close friend who also became a brother to her.

A few days back, her husband Mampintsha spoke about the passing of their family friend Sphiwe who got shot to death.

A woman by the IG name @candice_magwaza, said she too was with Siphiwe when the shooting happened and she got hit but luckily survived, “I was with him when it all happened I also got shot but I survived. It is sad that in the end he lost his life.”

Now, Babes has also spoken about this and said it is very hard losing someone so close to her like this, “It’s hard losing a friend who became a brother. I cannot even describe the pain that I am feeling brother Sphiwe because of the way you loved me and the way you were so supportive. I’d call you anytime even if it’s midnight you wouldn’t hesitate to come, before I knew it you would call to tell me you are already at the gate.

“We have fought at times but we just couldn’t stay angry for long cause that’s the kind of relationship we had. Wow everything I’m typing is in past tense you are really gone bhuti Sphiwe. No more midnight jokes. You have really passed on. It’s okay God if it sis your will, it hurts but I have accepted it. RIP big bro till we meet again,” she cried.

Just three months back, they buried their brother but Babes stole all the attention with her outfit. She wore all black but her outfit was a bit revealing. She wore a crop top and short skirt with a long blazer and a black fedora hat which sat on a green weave and the entire look made her look like a cartoon character who plays a witch.

A few people in the industry are also mourning the death of Podcast and Chill team member Blackie, who was also shot to death. On MacG’s latest episode of his podcast, they described what had happened.

According to a friend, Blackie was an Uber driver who had his friends car scratched by another car. They had gone into an altercation and Blackie decided to record the car and get the number plate. This was when the alleged killers pulled out their gun and shot Blackie.

The Podcast And Chill team shed a few tears and they spoke about their last memories of Blackie, describing him as a very quiet and shy person who never went past 3000 words a day.

Lamiez also said Blackie was their photographer and she too said a few words. “He was my little brother. Literally lived in my house on weekends coz weโ€™d get back home from gigs in the wee hours. His parents trusted my husband and I. They loved us. They loved him. He was innocent. So full of love. So full of life.
It just isnโ€™t fair!”

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