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SAD: DJ Citi Lyts’ Son Who Lost His Father Just Before His Birthday Shares Touching Message At Memorial

Hip Hop DJ Citi Lyts’ successful life and career is being celebrated at the Pace Community College in Soweto. The DJ, real name Sandile Mkhize, who lost his life in the early hours of Tuesday morning, February 15, was remembered by his family and friends.

For the first time in his entire life, Owethu Mkhize, will celebrate his birthday without his father and this left him broken. Owethu’s birthday is next month but he is hopeful that his father will forever be with him.

“Dear dad, I know you didn’t want to leave me this soon, my birthday is next month, and I am sad that you won’t be there. Thank you for being the best, so please walk the path with me from here on and be there for me, I will always love you,” he said.

Not attending his memorial service though was his father Mr. Mkhize, who is, according to a family friend, “not in a good space.” This is because Mkhize had buried his wife last year and also lost his son Pro Kid, real name Linda Mkhize in 2018.

These deaths really took a toll on him and so he could not attend the memorial.

The family friend in question is Kefilwe, who said the family is struggling to cope with this loss, “The family has been hit hard and we don’t understand how someone would do such a thing to such a kind and loving person and we, as people who were close to him, we mustn’t stand down, we need to help the police catch the culprits.”

“He [Citi’s father] is not in a good space, in 2018 he lost his son Linda, last year he buried his wife and now Sandile, the family hasn’t had time to heal from these incidents, they’ve been hit hard,” she said.

Helping the family to pay for the funeral expenses is Ama Kip Kip who created limited edition merchandise in hopes to raise about R80 000. Sandile will be laid to rest on Saturday 19 February 2022.

Riky Rick even took to social media to thank the clothing brand for this kind gesture and bought some stock for the price of R3300.

TshisaLive reported that Citi Lyts and his friends were ambushed by a group of four armed men on Monday morning while hanging out together. Three of the perpetrators were reportedly heavily armed with rifles, and two of them opened fire at Citi Lyts. The number of times he was shot at is speculated to be 8 times.

“He got shot. A VW polo came and four armed guys jumped out pointing guns at everyone.

“When they pointed the gun at Citi Lyts one of the friends tried calming the situation, saying ‘guys lets not do this, what’s going on?’ Then shots were fired at Citi, in the stomach. When he fell everyone else ran away. As they were running shots were being fired,” said a friend who wanted to remain anonymous.

Speaking to DRUM, the Mkhize spokesperson, Nhlanha Lux Dlamini, confirmed that he died exactly 12:30 AM, “They were ambushed and that is ambushed that is the best way to put it. They coupled up; four guys came out of nowhere, stopped them, and shot them in their heads. They fought as much as they can, and the guys shot them. I can’t confirm how many they were in the car yet, but this happened at Dube, Soweto.

“I am on my way to Jabulani Police Station now to verify if the case is opened. But by now it should be because generally if it is a murder case and someone is laying on the pavement when the police come to the scene it is automatic. We don’t know how to open up that type of case, I will follow up with the family also just to check if they have been contacted by any police officer. I want to find everything out and come back to you with detailed information.” – ZAlebs