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SAD: He passed away after spending time in hospital after he was vaccinated

The fact that the country has secured enough vaccines for its people earlier this year was initially good news, we all had hope that we had the perfect weapon to fight the Corona virus. However ever since the vaccine began its roll out, not everything is going according to plan.

The vaccine rollout began in April soon after the Johnson and Johnson vaccine arrived in the country. It started out with all the high profile politicians and health care workers including Doctors and Nurses, now civilians of over the age of 50 are allowed to register and get vaccinated.

People are advised that even though vaccines work, there is no vaccine that is perfect, even if a person is vaccinated should still wear a mask, sanitize regularly and remember to keep a social distance of 1,5 M everywhere.

The past 2 days, the number of Covid-19 cases recorded were the highest we have seen ever since the year began. The numbers now are skyrocketing, with more than 20 000 cases recorded in a space of only 24 hours.

With the third wave of the virus being a threat to our lives, more and more people feel the need to get vaccinated, to protect themselves from the Delta variant that is dominanting right and is the driving force behind the third wave of Covid-19 in South Africa.

The vaccine is reported to work, people are advised to mention their medical conditions before getting vaccinated, as this could pose danger to their health.

A Twitter user named @Jenny_msJ shared this below “My grandfather passed away this morning after spending time in hospital after he took tye vaccine. RIP Klaas Ndala”

May His Soul Rest In Peace.