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SAD: Imbewu’s Character has passed away

The pain and suffering that one of Imbewu’s actress, Nonsindiso Gcaba was going through has come to an end as she is now no more.

Nonsindiso Gcaba,who played the character of Ntombizethu on Imbewu was suffering from post partum depression and had been at it for some time on the show.

Ntombizethu being the daughter of Phunyuka and mother of a Bengu heir, Mepho had also been having many episodes, hearing voices and imagining things while suffering from depression. Yesterday, she had another and it didn’t end well as in the end,she committed suicide.

Zethu died after committing suicide through jumping off a building. Before,she jumped off, Zethu stole her father’s (Phunyuka) gun after being helped to escape from a mental institution whereby she was admitted following her attempt to kidnap his son and his father,Nkululeko.

Stealing her father’s gun,Zethu then went to approach Nkululeko with his now girlfriend being Fikile pointing them with a gun and claiming that Fikile had taken everything from her which is her man (Nkululeko), her child Mepho and her friends and family. Zethu then led Nkululeko to the rooftop and ended up jumping off the building.

Imbewu yesterday aired an emotional scene when showing Zethu taking her own life. It left many with mixed emotions as depression is a serious issue affecting many people in different communities. Fans including viewer’s took to social media reacting and expressing their views on the death of Zethu.

@Oratile on Twitter said “Imbewu could’ve shown that depression can be beatan and instead of the kill of Zethu.They could have changed the storyline”.

@Tebogo said “This episode taught me something, sometimes you think a person is seeking for attention or love’s attention kanti he/she is broken inside”.