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SAD: It Ended In Tears For Bonang Matheba

By Kaunda Selisho – After spending most of the past year in the United States, South African media personality Bonang Matheba is back on home soil.

She marked her return home with a fantastic series of images shot by Themba Mokase in which she wore a white Willet Designs Couture set with a strapless bustier top featuring ruched sleeves that end in gloves paired with a mini skirt. Bonang accessorised the look with a silver bag and strappy heels.

The star shared the images on both Instagram and Twitter along with the caption “Happy New Year everybody… So happy to be home, let’s razzle,” confirming that she was back on home soil.

Her Twitter mentions were immediately flooded with messages from fans welcoming her back and she replied to a few and retweeted those she didn’t reply to.

“I just joined your fanbase,” tweeted @MakoalaTlhoni in response to Bonang Matheba’s pictures, to which she replied “Welcome. 2022 is exciting! I needed some time to myself, I was dealing with some messy folk. We’re back!”

Prior to her arrival, she hinted that she was travelling somewhere after she tweeted about shopping at “duty-free.”

The timeline was instantly filled with the phrase “Bonang is back” tweeted dozens of times by excited fans.

A keen-eyed follower even notched that her stairway had changed and Bonang responded to the tweet confirming that she had moved to a new home.

‘Messy folk’

Last June, she moved to the US without even so much as a word to her fans and promptly set up her life in New York.

A few months later, Matheba appeared in a viral TikTok video after an American man confused her for actress Zoe Saldana after running into her in the streets of New York.

What she will do next remains a mystery as she shut down her return to South African radio last October. However, that may change as she has never hesitated to change her mind about things she has declared publicly.

Later that month, she trended after shutting down Twitter spaces with some damning allegations against her former management firm, Celebrity Services Africa (CSA).

Bonang Matheba and CSA are still in a legal dispute with both parties having made allegations against each other.

“Today I wish to share with you some very disturbing news,” began the star. She then explained that a management relationship had gone sour and confirmed she had terminated her contract with them without mentioning any names.

Matheba confirmed that she instructed her lawyer to institute criminal proceedings against them and promised to provide further updates regarding their “very unsavoury” behaviour.

CSA emailed a statement to The Citizen and also shared the statement on Twitter alleging that Bonang Matheba is “currently in breach of multiple contracts with various clients as she has been derelict to these brands and indeed her own for the past six months”.

The company also added that they were awaiting a response from Bonang’s lawyers on legal letters already sent (presumably by them to her) and said they were looking forward to their day in court with her.

The outcome of the matter remains unknown.