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SAD: Makhadzi deletes her latest picture after social media attack

Makhadzi is never out of the headlines. She recently had a successful show in Botswana, and she is back in South Africa.

President Ramaphosa invited the Limpopo based artist to the Union Buildings, and she celebrated the invitation by wearing green and gold – the ANC colours, just seven days before the local government elections. The Twitter post caused debate and was removed by Makhadzi just an hour after posting it.

Makhadzi took to Twitter to celebrate her invitation with a caption, “Honouring my invitation by President Ramaphosa’

Makhadzi’s ANC inspired dressing divides South Africa.

The picture did not sit well with some South Africans as they believe Makhadzi is campaigning for the ruling party, unfairly influencing her fans.

While others blasted Makhadzi for her choice of colours just a week before municipal elections, some saw nothing wrong with her dressing.

“It’s Makhadzi’s democratic right to associate herself with whichever political party she wants. We are unapologetically voting for the ANC on the 1st of November. You can vote ANC out without using intimidation,” posted a Twitter user.

Poet and social commentator Ntsiki Mazwai thinks Makhadzi is sabotaging her career by associating with the ANC. ‘Why is Makhadzi sabotaging her career?’ Ntsiki queried

One user believes her involvement in politics is destroying Makhadzi’s career. “Cyril Ramaphosa is destroying Makhadzi‘s brand by involving her in Politics. The ANC criminals will do anything to convince people to vote for them. They don’t care about anyone; they want votes,” a Twitter user wrote.

While others complained, some believe those complaining will continue dancing to her music. “You can complain as much as you want about the Makhadzi issue fact remain that you still dance to her music.”

Some South Africans believe that Makhadzi was supposed to turn down the President’s invitation as it has come during an election period.

Makhadzi’s invitation to the Union Buildings has been compared to other artists’ affiliation with the apartheid regime.

“What did we do to black people who supported the apartheid regime? The reality is the ANC is our new oppressor, and people like Makhadzi are supporting our oppressor. A morally upright artist would side with the people of South Africa instead of grooving with thieves,” wrote one user.

In another story that has raised eyebrows, another Limpopo based artist King Monada joined Makhadzi on stage as she performed the hit song Ganama while wearing an ANC T-shirt.