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Sad News For Imbewu: The Seed Actress Mapule Mchunu (Indlovukazi)

Actress and radio host Mapule Mchunu, who is affectionately known as Indlovukazi, said someone is impersonating her on social media.

Mapule, who plays a gobela in Imbewu: The Seed and is helping KaMadonsela (played by Brenda Mhlongo) in her journey of training to become a sangoma, said there is a person who is illegally posing as her on Instagram and Facebook.

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She said the person has all her photos.

“This person has access to my photos. They sound like they know everything about me. They post my photos and when you read captions, you would swear they were written by me. It’s evident that this person knows me well,” said Mapule, who works for the Durban community radio Inanda FM.

She said this has sparked fear in her life.

“It’s scary because I now suspect that maybe I have an enemy who pretends as if they love me. A stranger can’t know much about me and a stranger cannot do this.

“This is someone close to me. Maybe it’s someone who wants to destroy my life. Why is this happening now when I have just started my TV career? Maybe this person is jealous. I don’t know,” said Mapule.

She asked her fans to assist her by reporting the accounts.