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SAD: Phelo Bala Reacts To Moshe Ndiki And Actor SK Khoza’s Explicit Video

Just when we thought singer Phelo Bala had recovered from his alleged split from Moshe Ndiki, the singer has deactivated his Instagram account.

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This morning his husband Moshe Ndiki and actor SK Khoza, topped the Twitter trends list after fuelling romance rumors. This follows after they went live together and they can be seen getting cozy as SK rubbed his feet. In the live video Moshe was also seen working his mouth on SK’s torso. Another video on high-rotation shows them at the back of a moving car looking hella romantic.

We don’t know if this is a publicity stunt or they are indeed a pair. But, it seems some tweeps are not happy with Moshe being in a relationship with Khoza. The former The Queen actor is known to be a ladies man and he has hogged the headlines on numerous occasions for his affairs with women.

Tweeps have called on Moshe to not tarnish his reputation by being romantically involved with Khoza who is notorious for being news when it comes to women.

Now, Phelo has deactivated his Instagram account just a few days after returning to social media. Phelo had been offline on Instagram. leaving his fans concerned about his whereabouts and their relationship whereabouts with Phelo.

With Moshe and Phelo anything is possible and they are no stranger to hogging the headlines for their publicity stunts. To joy your memory a bit. In 2020, the two called it quits after Moshe allegedly assaulted Phelo with a candle stand, leaving him with a bleeding gash. The couple headed to the courtroom and had a messy breakup.

Moshe released a statement on social media in July 2020 to clear his name following the abuse allegations which were levelled against him. The TV star denied claims that he assaulted Phelo. He said the angle the Sunday World took to write the article which broke the news about their abuse drama, was aimed at humiliating him. He said this was an extension of the abuse he had already endured.

“These are matters of a private nature and I have been advised because there are court proceedings I cannot reveal anything, however at this present time, I would like to state that I have no way abused Phelo and I have proof to this effect,” reads the statement.

The statement came after Phelo allegedly obtained an interim court order against Moshe. In his court papers, Moshe claimed that over the past few months their relationship had become very toxic with Phelo assaulting him on several occasions. He claimed that Phelo had a drinking problem, and always started fights after drinking too much.

Phelo later shared pictures of him with a guy that many suspected it was his boyfriend. While Mzansi thought they had separated. He shared a couple of tweets begging Moshe to get back together with him.

When the dust settled they announced that they were married, leaving everyone shook. So we believe there is more than meets the eye here.